Disaster Response Can’t Wait

When storms hit, vegetation management becomes mission critical. Floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters cause immense damage, and the essential power and critical communication disruptions means lives are at risk. In 2022 alone, there were over $161 billion in utility damages because of storms, not to mention the lives lost due to outages in critical services.

For decades, customers have relied on Lewis to provide emergency response and storm restoration services after hurricanes, thunderstorms, winter blasts, and other severe weather that has wreaked havoc and strewn trees across streets, structures, and power lines. Our trained and experienced utility line clearance crews are ready to be dispatched quickly to clear vegetation, enabling power and other essential services to be restored.

While we can’t make natural disasters disappear, the Lewis team can be counted on to respond and restore essential infrastructure. We empower our people to manage on-site, when critical, split-second decisions are necessary. In this way, we maintain Lewis’ agility to adapt and respond.

Restoring Essential Power and Critical Communications

Lewis has the scale you need with the deftness you want. Our organization, our people, and our continuous training all lead to the same customer promise — to get the Job Done Right®. While speed is essential in disaster response, we won’t sacrifice safety and quality that result in additional outages or “go-backs.” In these, we will not compromise.

When homes and businesses lose power across this nation because of a storm, Lewis is there to help. Crews from Lewis are often among those first responding to outages during flooding and devastation from nature’s fury. Recent examples include weeks of work in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian in Florida and work over the 2022 Christmas holiday in Buffalo and the Northeast during Winter Storm Elliott.

Lewis employees consistently brave single-digit and triple-digit temperatures, high winds, flooding or blowing snow to remove fallen trees from power lines, roads, and properties, allowing emergency responders, utility crews, and snowplows to do their work. And when the water rises in the bayous of Louisiana and along the shorelines of Florida, hazards can even include alligators, snakes, and sharks!

It Starts with Our People

Lewis is in the people success business, making it easy for everyone on our team to do the right thing. Together, we live by the kind of rules that don’t require a rule book. Instead, we empower our people to manage on-site when critical, split-second decisions are necessary. In this way, we maintain Lewis’ agility to adapt and respond.

How do we do it? That’s part of our secret sauce, but we reveal some of the ingredients on our Leadership at Lewis knowledge base, which shares much more about how we infuse leadership, knowledge, decision-making, teamwork, diversity, and equity into our training. As a 100% employee-owned business, our Lewis team is trained to act like the owners they are, for the work they perform for you.









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