Vegetation: Public Enemy #1

Stats prove that public enemy #1 in utility operations is vegetation. Outages in the U.S. cost utility companies around $35 billion per year. Hurricane Ian alone cost a single utility company over $1.1 billion. And these stats confirm a lack of proper utility vegetation management is the greatest contributor to outages.

With the growing pressure on utility companies to bring their A-game to uptime and reliability, can you continue to risk outsourcing your vegetation management to partners who fail to meet the grade?

Lewis is the one of the largest providers of vegetation management for public utilities, investor-owned utilities, electric co-ops, and municipal utilities across North America. We have the size and strength you need while remaining agile to the extreme conditions that strike utility operations daily. We offer the right balance of quality, efficiency, and safety for all forms of transmission and distribution in utility vegetation management.

#1 in Protecting Essential Power and Critical Communications

Lewis has the scale you need with the deftness you want. Our organization, our people, and our continuous training all lead to the same customer promise — to get the Job Done Right®. We’ve stricken the term “go-backs” from our vocabulary and want to help you do the same.

Our focus on maximizing efficiency while not compromising safety and quality has made us the contractor of choice for many utility companies. We understand that utility vegetation management is your top preventative maintenance expense and we take that seriously. In fact, while utility vegetation management costs may reside in your annual maintenance budget, we know the work we do is protecting some of your company’s most important investments – the assets that get power from your generating facilities all the way down the lines to the outlets in your customer’s homes and businesses.

And now that uptime and reliability have become serious business in the public eye with the evolution to a learn- and work-from-home society, can you risk outsourcing such a critical operational function to a vendor without the agility, ability, safety practices, and leadership of Lewis? Your customers, the media, and regulators are not going to accept excuses, especially when known issues could have prevented critical downtime.

It Starts with Our People

Lewis is in the people success business, making it easy for everyone on our team to do the right thing while encouraging growth. Together, we live by the kind of rules that don’t require a rule book. Instead, we empower our people to manage on-site when critical, split-second decisions are necessary. In this way, we maintain Lewis’ agility to adapt and respond.

How do we do it? That’s part of our secret sauce, but we reveal some of it on our Leadership at Lewis knowledge base, which shares much more about how we infuse leadership, knowledge, decision-making, teamwork, diversity, and equity into our training. As a 100% employee-owned business, our Lewis team is trained to act like the owners they are, for the work they perform for you.


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Partner with Lewis. Choose Agility + Ability. Get the Job Done Right®

Don’t settle for less than LEWIS, with anyone else too small to handle the crucial jobs. And don’t settle for less than Lewis, with anyone less agile or able. We’re proud to be one of North America’s largest providers of vegetation management services. That is, until we arrive at #1.

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