Vegetation Never Asks Permission

Specialty and roadside vegetation management is probably not a favorite line-item expense in your annual budget. If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that vegetation isn’t going to remain in its proper place and avoid your roadways, byways, and infrastructure assets. As much planning as you may do to avoid outages, property damage, and other issues, vegetation problems seem to creep into places you never anticipated.

Quickly growing, invasive plant species and weakened or dead trees wreak havoc for business and governmental organizations across the U.S. With workforce challenges and supply-chain delays, even simple vegetation tasks like mowing and weed control often extends beyond most organizations’ ability to handle the workload.

The team at Lewis can ensure access to your most important infrastructure by reducing vegetation infringement through a comprehensive process of removal, maintenance, inspections, and installation. Our specialty and roadside vegetation management crews provide the size and strength you need while remaining agile to address the challenges that unexpected vegetation creep creates. Our 4,000+ employees bring the right balance of quality, efficiency, and safety that ensures your critical infrastructure and roadways can continue to serve the public and your customers as planned.

Deleting Go-Backs from the Plan

Lewis has the scale you need with the deftness you want. Our organization, our people, and our continuous training all lead to the same customer promise — to get the Job Done Right®. We’ve stricken the term “go-backs” from our vocabulary and want to help you do the same.

As one of the nation’s leading suppliers of vegetation management, we work with private businesses, municipalities, utilities, and other organizations to develop customized plans that ensure vegetation control. However, since nature is involved, we understand and anticipate the flexibility required to deal with emergency issues that may arise from storms, accidents, and other unforeseen circumstances.

Don’t risk partnering with a specialty and roadside vegetation management vendor who has a one-size-fits-all plan and who you can’t rely on when emergencies arise. Your customers are not going to accept excuses, especially when an agile and reliable response could have prevented mishaps or damage to your roadways and other infrastructure.

Our Specialty and Roadside Vegetation Management Services

Lewis services a wide range of utility, municipal, and commercial assets/properties from the largest of electric utilities and communications companies to smaller rural co-operatives, contractors, and one-off projects. We are experienced in all forms of specialty and roadside vegetation management including:

It Starts with Our People

Lewis is in the people success business, making it easy for everyone on our team to do the right thing. Together, we live by the kind of rules that don’t require a rule book. Instead, we empower our people to manage on-site when critical, split-second decisions are necessary. In this way, we maintain Lewis’ agility to adapt and respond.

How do we do it? That’s part of our secret sauce, but we reveal some of the ingredients on our Leadership at Lewis knowledge base, which shares much more about how we infuse leadership, knowledge, decision-making, teamwork, diversity, and equity into our training. As a 100% employee-owned business, our Lewis team is trained to act like the owners they are, for the work they perform for you.









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Partner with Lewis. Choose Agility + Ability. Get the Job Done Right®

Don’t settle for less than LEWIS, with anyone else too small to handle the crucial jobs. And don’t settle for less than Lewis, with anyone less agile or able. We’re proud to be one of North America’s largest providers of vegetation management services. That is, until we arrive at #1.

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