Tree Appearance is the #1 Factor in Curb Appeal

Residential tree services such as tree trimming/pruning, disease/insect treatments, fertilization, and stump removal are not items that excite homeowners. But did you know that outside of your home itself, tree appearance is the #1 factor in curb appeal? And one of the top property damage insurance claims is storm-related tree failures, from broken limbs to entire trees falling on a home. When you choose the right tree care company, you get the expertise for preventative maintenance with the agility to respond if something goes wrong.

Like your home, investing in routine residential tree service and maintenance can cost much less than fixing problems after damage occurs. The challenge is finding the right kind of residential tree service you can count on to know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it right, especially if you require urgent response for tree trimming or removal.

Lewis is one of the nation’s largest providers of vegetation management services. With the size, strength, and agility to service the high-demand utility industry for over 80 years, we offer the right balance of quality, efficiency, and safety for all forms of residential tree service in select U.S. markets. From emergency response to regular examination and maintenance of the trees on your property, Lewis is ready to service one of your greatest assets.

#1 in Protecting Your Property

Lewis has the capability you need with the value you want. Our organization, our people, and our continuous training all lead to the same customer promise — to get the Job Done Right®.

You may be wondering if we’re “too big” to do a “small job” due to our history servicing the utility industry. We see it as being right sized and right experienced for the job at hand. Our agility to flex to so many different circumstances over the years allows us to service your one or two trees as easily as we service thousands at a time. No job is too big or too small. And that flexibility means we’ll be there when you need us.

At this time, Lewis residential tree service is available in the Charlotte, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Durham, and Raleigh, NC areas and will be performed by Carolina Tree Care, a division of Lewis. Carolina Tree Care has been providing a high-quality tree care services throughout the Carolinas since 1987. For interest in residential tree care in other markets, please contact us with your inquiry.

It Starts with Our People

Lewis is in the people success business, making it easy for everyone on our team to do the right thing while encouraging growth. Together, we live by the kind of rules that don’t require a rule book. Instead, we empower our people to manage on-site where residential tree service decisions are made. It’s simply a conversation between you and a Lewis representative, who also happens to be an owner (since we’re an 100% employee-owned business). That empowers you to make a confident decision that Lewis is the right partner for your residential tree service.

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Partner with Lewis. Choose Agility + Ability. Get the Job Done Right®

Don’t settle for less than LEWIS, with anyone else too small to handle the crucial jobs. And don’t settle for less than Lewis, with anyone less agile or able. We’re proud to be one of North America’s largest providers of vegetation management services. That is, until we arrive at #1.

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