By: Dennis Brown

Video: Dennis Brown discusses how empowering employees is essential for the company’s success.

Dennis Brown discusses how empowering employees is essential for the company’s success.


When I hear the phrase we keep the power on. What comes to mind for me is how important electricity is and reliable electricity is in everyday life.

I started as a craft worker and a crew leader working on the line, front line worker. I had no designs on advancing through the organization and I was offered opportunity after opportunity and I was equipped along the way.

So coming from a craft worker, I advanced then into a general foreman's position. I held each leadership position in the company up to the role of president and chief operating officer that I hold now.

When customers settle for less than Lewis, they're sacrificing responsiveness, reliability, and the integrity of the Lewis name. Agility matters to our customers and separates us from the competition in a few ways.

I think the first way would be that the environment that we work in is so variable. It's changing all the time. Our customers needs, the regulators needs. You throw in weather and the environment and it creates it creates situations where we have to respond really quickly and we have to adapt really quickly.

Lewis has been able to display we're competent in that area. We can move large resources very easily to respond to storms. We can meet customers needs by coming together to provide solutions.

When I hear job done right, it means our customer promise. It means listening to our customers. It means providing solutions to our customers. It means meeting our commitments under all circumstances, and it means performing all that in a hassle free experience, delivering that hassle free experience to them.

It means our operating principles are lived and they're not just words on a page. When we conduct our business in accordance with our operating principles, our mission, and our customer promise, we're always successful and we're always sharing that success with our customers.