Video: Senior Leadership Team

The Lewis Leadership team shares their thoughts on the new thinking and leadership style that has been responsible for the growth of the organization.


I met the leadership team here at Lewis and I was just blown away with the caliber of the leadership and the principles that guide Lewis in their everyday activities.

We are a company of leaders top to bottom because that's how we stay strong.

To me, being a leader at Lewis means putting people first, communicating early, often, and clearly -- setting a clear vision for the future and continuously developing other leaders as well as those who aspire to lead.

There's no difference at Lewis around the expectations of leadership for an executive or a front-line leader. It's just do the right thing. It's follow our operating principles, align yourself with the mission, and treat people respectfully.

I think it's important that you have the highest integrity, that you're always willing to learn, and that you create a trusting partnership with all the folks that you come in contact with, both our customers and our employees.

It's amazing to watch and witness this leadership juggernaut of just this response and people doing the right thing.

It's unique in this industry and it's tangible, you can feel it, you can taste it, it permeates through the culture of this organization. It's who's the next person that can do a little more? How do we develop that person? How do we equip them to be successful as an employee owner?

So that's what makes Lewis special. It is just amazing to experience that, and it's awesome.