By: Huntley Hedrick

Video: Enabling the Distributed Workforce - The Critical Role of Technology

Huntley Hedrick discusses the importance as a technology leader for the company, to equip its distributed workforce with the technology and skills to handle numerous challenges in the field every day.


Sometimes purpose is clouded and difficult to understand. But here at Lewis, it's a real sense of purpose.

So how technology is used and keeping the power on by the utility companies and ourselves is that as technology gets more ingrained every day, whether it's the GIS mapping, you know, so maps and work assignments, so this is where we need you to work today, this is the stuff we need to do even from work orders that come in, very utility does it their own way.

We have to be able to ingest that work order into our technology stack. And again, across a company with with all of our customers, they're all different.

We have such variability in our daily work. Even from a technology standpoint that we have to be able to adjust and be flexible and agile in meeting their demands. All this technology, all these applications, they need to work.

If they don't work, they're so ingrained into people doing their jobs that it prevents work from happening and becomes a distraction, can affect our safety. Because now people are worried about non primary things that they shouldn't be worrying about Instead of worrying about leadership and safety, they're focused on technology problems.

Leadership is the thing that differentiates Lewis from the competition. I met the leadership team here at Lewis and I was just blown away with the caliber of the leadership and the principles that guide Lewis in their everyday activities.

So that's what makes Lewis special. It is just amazing to experience that and it's awesome.