By: Chad Fay

Video: The Driving Force Behind One of the Nation’s Top Vegetation Management Contractors

Chad Fay discusses how if you take care of the people, they will take care of the fleet.


When folks think of fleet, they think of a piece of equipment. When I think of fleet, What I imagine is I imagine the people who are operating that piece of equipment.

A lot of folks might not understand how large Lewis is. When it comes to our fleet, we have over 6500 assets that currently go out to work every day.

And those assets last year traveled close to 30 million miles.

I think agility matters to our customers, because they have customers of their own that are being held accountable to.

So when they call upon Lewis to provide services, there's times where we have to be agile in what we're doing and have the ability to pivot when needed.

The difference between Lewis and the competition is what I believe to be is within our core values. Companies in our space don't stay in business for decades like we have without a strong commitment to safety, quality and listening to the customer.

Here at Lewis, the essence of the company is in its people. People are the key to success in all that we do.