By: Brian McBrairty

Creating Safety During a Chance Encounter

On August 2, a two-person crew from Division 27, New Jersey, was traveling through Woodstown, NJ when they came across a vehicle lying on its side immediately following a rollover accident. 

The crew approached the vehicle to see if anyone needed assistance when a bystander stated there was a motorist trapped inside. Unable to open the doors, the Lewis crew began communicating with the driver who suggested they remove the windshield. The crew returned to the Lewis vehicle, grabbed a large pry bar, and put on gloves to protect their hands.

After successfully peeling back the windshield, the crew was able to lift the driver to safety. Due to their quick actions, the driver was safely removed before the police arrived on the scene. He was then taken by ambulance to a local hospital for treatment. 

Our immense gratitude to Larry Demasse, Foreperson, and David Coggins, Journeyman, for going above and beyond to create safety during a chance, and risky, encounter.