By: Beth Lay

Video: Beth Lay talks about the importance of vegetation management safety program

Lewis Director of Resilience and Reliability Learns as She Leads, and Expects the Unexpected


We believe that learning is the key to keeping people safe. The line clearance industry is very dangerous work. If you can imagine workers in a tree or in a bucket stretched out with a chainsaw in their hand, cutting and trimming a tree near a live power line that's the work our workers do.

So we talk a lot about preparing for the unexpected. Every tree is different. We're working in all kinds of different weather conditions, and so when you're working in highly variable work you have to manage safety differently.  

So New View Safety is a way of managing safety where you free workers up, where you free them up and prepare them to adapt and handle these 
up and prepare them to adapt and handle these different situations they're gonna be faced with.  

Maybe the wind shifted or maybe the tree was hollow in the center and they didn't expect it to be 
and they were able to adapt and figure out how to get that job done successfully which in some cases means pause the work and give the wind a chance to die down or walk away and come back the next day or come back with another piece of equipment.

Those are Jobs Done Right.

When a worker's had the freedom to adapt and change the way that they're handling the work in order to get it done safely.

And I think that's one thing that actually differentiates our safety program than maybe other safety programs, because we're constantly checking with the Front Line worker and we're listening to their language and we're adopting language that works for them.

And that's actually created an atmosphere where people feel safe to tell us about stuff.

We know how work is happening on the Front Lines and that is key to creating safety. And we live that. We live that everyday.